BPSC 67th Maths Optional Question Paper

BPSC 67th CCE Mains Maths Optional Question Paper

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Mahatma Gandhi’s Views on Liquor Prohibition

Mahatma Gandhi’s Views on Liquor Prohibition Prohibition has a pride of place in the Gandhian vision of the world. To Gandhi “drink is more a disease than a vice” (Young India). “I would hold drink to be more damnable than thieving and perhaps even prostitution.” (M.K. Gandhi, Prohibition At Any Cost). Gandhi recalls that many empires were destroyed through the

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Important Newspapers From Bihar during Freedom Struggle

Important newspapers/Journals from Bihar during freedom struggle The Journal of Bihar Research Society in 1850 by Shah Kabiruddin Ahmed Akhbar-e- Bihar in 1856 by the effort of William Taylor Bihar Bandhu (Bihar’s first Hindi newspaper) in 1872 by Keshavram Bhatt Bihar Herald in 1875 by Guru Prasad Sen Indian Chronicle (1881) by Bisheshwar Singh and Saligram Singh Bihar Times (1894)

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