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State of Forest Report 2019 – Bihar

Bihar, a State in the eastern part of the country is the 13th largest in terms of geographical area and 3rd largest by population. The State has a geographical area of 94,163 sq km which is 2.86% of the total geographical area of the country. The State lies between 24°16′ N to 27°45′ N latitude and 83°16′ E to 88°30′

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Impact Of Ban Of Alcohol In Bihar

Consumption of honey, cheese rises: study Prohibition is making people of Bihar spend on good clothes and food with sale of expensive sarees rising by 1,751%, while consumption of honey by 380% and that of cheese by 200% in the first six months of the ban, according to latest studies on the measure. The studies, conducted by think tank Asian

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Ancient History of Bihar

The word ‘Bihar’ has originated from the ‘Viharas’ which means resting house of Buddhist monk but it was the Muslim rulers of 12th Century who started calling the state as ‘Bihar’. Here, we are giving the complete study material of ‘Ancient Bihar History’ that will be ease the journey of aspirants to crack the competitive examinations like BPSC and other

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Tribal Revolts in Bihar आदिवासी विद्रोह

बिहार के आदिवासी विद्रोह ज्यादातर असंगठित, स्थानीय और समय– समय पर होने वाले विद्रोह थे। ये विद्रोह मुख्य रूप से ब्रिटिश सरकार द्वारा आदिवासियों और आदिवासियों की जमीन के शोषण से संबंधित और बाहरी लोगों को उनकी जमीन देने से जुड़े थे। यहां, हम ‘बिहार के आदिवासी विद्रोहों’ की सूची दे रहे हैं। इसमें तारीख, इससे जुड़े लोगों के साथ–

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Waterfall and Hot springs in Bihar

Download here Bihar is endowed with a number of beautiful natural spots varying from waterfalls and hot springs that contributes the idyllic setting of the state. Waterfalls in Bihar The waterfalls in Bihar have closely associated with the religion not only for the Hindus but also for the Buddhists. Hot Springs in Bihar A spring is a place where water

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