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Online 64th Prelims Test series in English Medium

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Mock Test-1 Syllabus
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Mock Test-2 Syllabus
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Mock Test-3 Syllabus
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Mock Test-4 Syllabus
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Mock Test-5 Syllabus
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Mock Test-6 Syllabus
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Mock Test-7 Syllabus
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Mock Test-8 Syllabus: Full Length
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BPSC 64th Prelims Test Series Schedule:

When preparing for entrance and competitive exams, it is important to work out not just specific questions or sections, but also full-length tests that resemble actual ones.

1. It gives the student a good idea of what to expect, and useful practice in time management.

2. For students who are working well, it can be a boost to their confidence.

3. For students who are not working hard, it can be a useful wake-up call.

4. For all students it can highlight areas that really need more work.

Mock exams let students practice revision strategies that are proven to be more helpful and discover what works best for them.

Our Test series try to follow the current pattern of the exam, also keeping in mind the likely change in future.

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Note: Because of Limited Resources we will not be able to take test of more than 100 candidates.
So it will be On A First-come, First-served Basis.

Features of Test series:

8 Topic wise & 2 Full length Test

•with E options
•rank will be published
•answers with explanation will me emailed after test result

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