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Minor Political Parties of Modern India

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Revolt of 1857

The Revolt of 1857: Causes, Nature, Importance and Outcomes The Revolt of 1857 was a prolonged period of armed uprising as well as rebellions in Northern and Central India against British occupation of that part of the subcontinent. Small precursors of brewing discontent involving incidences of arson in cantonment areas began to manifest themselves in January. Later, a large-scale rebellion

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The Chola Empire

The Cholas: The decline of the Pallavas in the 9th century  created  a political vacuum which was filled by the Cholas. BPSC 63rd Pre Question Vijayalaya Chola (846-907 AD): He was a vassal of the Pallavas. He captured Tanjore from the Pandyas and made it the capital of the Cholas. Aditya  I (871-907 AD): Extended the work of Vijayalaya by occupying the

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