Topper’s Interview (Rank-66; 56-59th BPSC)

Dy. SP ( Rank 66)

I would suggest you to go through the previous year papers of BPSC first . Then read these books…
1. History- ( total 40-50 questions ask from this section out of 150)
Ancient India by R.S.Sharma (11th class old NCERT)
Medieval India by Satish chandra(11th class old NCERT)
Modern India Spectrum…
Lucent – cover history section only
Imtiyaz ahmad history book ( specially for contribution of bihar in national movement)
2.Indian Polity -(15-20 questions)
Laxmikant is the bible for polity
( There is no need of complementary and
supplementary books)
3.Geography –
G.C.Leon and 11th and 12th class NCERT
For Geography of bihar , you will have to read some factual things about bihar like length of NH-2 in bihar, Ganga length in Bihar etc.
4.Indian Economy- 11th & 12th class NCERT and Shriram IAS economy book. And follow a monthly magzine to cover current news related to economy.
5. Science and Tech – (20 questions)
Read 8-10th class NCERT & Lucent ( no need to read all science section , cover only those things which have been asked in previous year paper like scientific name of vitamins, deficiencies and disease)
6.Math and reasoning- (10 questions)
(Don’t solve bpsc previous year paper for this except
last two year papers)
Solve upsc CSAT paper and last two year bpsc paper.
7.Current Affairs- read a monthly magzine but will have to give special importance to news like Commonwealth game, Asian Game, Olympics, Books name, Committee, Prize ( man Booker, Pulitzer, nobel prize)
If you will cover all the these books then nobody can stop you from clearing BPSC prelims.

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