Topper’s Interview (Rank-181; 56-59th BPSC)

Kishan Kumar , Rank 181 Bihar Police Services

I have received numerous requests of writing book list & strategy i followed during my preparation. As I promised, I am writing a separate and dedicated post for my Book list & strategy .This article will comprise 3 parts, Strategy for Book list for PT, mains and Interview. Here we go …
Let me confess first, I have not gone through a number of standard books though I decided to go what is required for the examination due to paucity of time since I was a working professional.
A serious candidate must formulate a strategy before starting preparation for any competitive exam based on PREVIOUS YEAR PAPER, syllabus, exam trends, Available time, senior’s advice, competent mentors, trustworthy friends circle and last but most important self believe. I followed the same and selected below books for BPSC PT or just near by :-
1. History – Rajiv Ahir + Lucent +KBC nano publication for Bihar + Previous year one liner compilations + Solved a lot of Objective questions from different sources + PYP
2. Current Affaires – Daily newspaper (The Hindu) + Gatnachakra one year compilation(Hindi Medium) + Speedy ( Hindi Medium ) + watched various youtube videos + Objective questions
3. Science – Lucent + Previous year one liner compilation + Roman saini videos + Objective questions from different sources +PYP
4. Geography – NCERT + Lucent + Previous year one liner compilation + Mrunal videos + Objective questions from different sources + PYP
5. Bihar – KBC nano + Spardha Publication thin book +Objecive questions + PYP
6. Polity – Laxmikant + Lucent +Previous year one liner compilation + Objectives questions + PYP
7. Economics – Ramesh singh + lucent +Previous year one liner compilation + Objective questions + PYP
8. Maths – Never study as I am maths graduate.
I got the best friends circle who always helped me during PT preparation specially Irshad Akhter , Pritam Priyadarshi , Sumit Pandey and Mentors Like Md Shakeel, Mahtab Rabbani & Anil Sir from Aastha IAS New Delhi . Without them & God grace ,Clearing the 56th-59th BPSC PT could have been a dream .
Now key to success –
Cover PYP first -> Understand Syllabus -> follow standard Books -> Solve objective question (most important for revision purpose & to reduce your error) -> Revise -> Re-Revise -> follow this cycle at least 10 times Before exam .
In the last – All the 736 candidates have got their own & a unique strategy .Finally it is up to you choose and formulate as per your convenience . ..All the best !

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