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Comment on the role played by Sabarmati Ashram in India’s struggle for Independence and its significance today.

The Sabarmati Ashram situated on the banks of river Sabarmati was home to Mahatma Gandhi from 1917 to 1930 and served as one of the main centres of the Indian freedom struggle. It was from here on March 12, 1930 that Gandhiji launched the famous Dandi march. He vowed that he would not return to the Ashram until India won

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Gandhiji’s views on caste, casteism and untouchability.

The caste system in India has been thousand years old but for millions of people in India it still defines the fate. In the thread of social reformers in India the latest addition during 20th century was Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi took the front seat when social system of India was full of evils. Gandhiji was against any type of discrimination

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