Mahatma Gandhi went on a five-day fast and called off the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1922. Was this calling off justified? comment.

Mahatma Gandhi was a simple man but of high ideologies who challenged and shook the mighty British Empire. He was able to mobilize the masses and to fight for independence including women and children. Non Cooperation movement was an unprecedented struggled which saw such a huge involvement of masses but was called off by Mahatma Gandhi in the view of violence happened in Chauri Chaura.

It was a shock for many and many were deeply hurt by this sudden calling off the movement by Gandhiji and he was criticized by many leaders and this decision became the matter of debate in the offing history.

Why not justified :
1 Leaders like Motilal Nehru and CR Das opposed calling off stating few minor and isolated events should not define the course of the whole national movement.
2 The movement was linked to the sentiments of public which sacrificed a lot to came forward and fight, they were hurt with the sudden calling off.

What justifies the calling off:-
1 It is said that that revolution comes not by fighting a war but nurturing values and ideologies. And Gandhiji felt that the core values of Non Violence with which he was fighting with could be at stake if movement turns violent.
2 He could perceive the degeneration in the movement and before it turns into frustration and violence it was better to give it a pause and energies.
3 He knew Britishers could resort to violent suppression of other peaceful strikes in the name of few violent events.
4 Gandhiji knew the people are not matured enough wanted to make them understand the importance of values and non violence.

It was non violence policy of Gandhiji which brought masses out of their houses, if he would have asked to pick up arms neither the movement nor the vigour would have survived in front of mammoth British Empire. He knew freedom cannot be brought about in a day, it should become a movement not by arms but by ideology.

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