Important Books for Mains (GS-II)

GS Paper-II

It comprises 3 sections:

  1. Polity
  2. Economics & Geography
  3. Science & Technology


  • Previous Year Paper (PYP)
  • Vision Magazine (Polity section)
  • Laxmikant (selective)

This section comprises static & Current related topic, Sometimes questions come in blend format i.e. mixture of static & current. This portion can be easily targeted and solved with slight effort.

3 questions can be easily secured.


  • PYP
  • Vision Magazine
  • Bihar Samagrah for Mains (KBC Nano)
  • Ramesh Singh/ Dutt & Sundaram

This section has very wide area. Surprising questions always come in exam .Therefore, need to cover it thoroughly.

Geography syllabus is quite vague. Repetitive Question comes occasionally. Environment related questions are being asked now days. Vision magazine is sufficient for that.

Science & Technology

  • PYP
  • Pratiyogita Darpan (selective reading)
  • Vision Magazine

This section can be easily targeted, be aligned with previous year question. Most of the question will be on same pattern. 2 Questions can be easily secured.

Most Important:

  • Limit your resources
  • Revision is the key
  • Practice answer writing on daily basis
  • Be positive ALWAYS

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