Importance of Myanmar for India and to the Asian security architecture

India and Myanmar share traditional cultural, historical,ethnic, religious ties along with share geographical land boundary and maritime boundary in bay of Bengal region.
Importance of Myanmar for India:

-its stability is utmost important for stable northeastern part of india

-for look east policy

-for kaladan multimodal project and india-myanmar-thailand trilateral highway

-from cultural perspective as india is the origin of buddhist religion which majority of people of myanmar follows,cultural ties,boost for tourism sector

-myanmar can act as buffer between china and india to keep the region stable

-myanmar becoming member of organisation like sasec can lead myanmar better relation with asiasn countries which are part of sasec including india

-myanmar is a natural gas producer which can help india to meet its energy reguirement

-myanmar is a major producer of opium better coordination with them can lead to better security at the borders to prevent illegal smuggling of drugs,wildlife trade as both countries rich in wildlife,fake currency entering india

-for conservation and better protection of india- burma biodiversity hotspot

India and Myanmar being a member of organisation like BIMSTEC,east asia summit,sasec should coordinate and take benefit of each other to make progress in the region.
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