Ghoda Katora Jalashay

Ghora Katora Lake is a small but beautiful and serene picnic spot near Rajgir. According to Hindu mythology, King Jarasandha from Indian epic Mahabharata, had his stable here, hence the name Gohra Katora. It is located near World Peace Pagoda.

The reservoir is located between two hills. The location is great, beautiful and elegant. It is said that the the horses of the kings of Rajgir used to drink water here. There are two routes to reach the reservoir. One way is via Giriyak, 3km walk over the hills and the other is to go by Rajgir ropeway. The view of the reservoir is a great sight. For protection of the environment , fuel-driven vehicles are prohibited. The conventional vehicle to reach here is gig (hung) or Bagghi is used.

Ghoda Katora Project:

Two projects are being implemented under Ghoda Katora

  • Installation of Buddha Statue.
  • Rajgir Hill Yuko Hillous Restoration Scheme.

Recently, CM Nitish Kumar inaugurated the 70 feet statue of Lord Buddha on Ghoda Katora.
World Peace Pagoda (Vishwa Shanti Stupa):

Vishwa Shanti Stupa is a major tourist attraction at Rajgir. Rajgir is a popular pilgrim destination for Buddhists. Nichidatsu Fujii (1885-1985), a Buddhist monk from Japan and founder of the Nipponzan-Myohoji Buddhist sect. Nichidatsu Fujii set an example for world peace through Peace Pagodas. In series of establishing peace pagodas world over he established one such peace pagoda at Rajgir which is called Vishwa Shanti Stupa.
World Peace Pagoda at Rajgir is made of spotless white marble and is a remarkable monument. Vishwa Shanti Stupa is the tallest peace Pagoda in the world standing tall at 400 meters and houses four statues of Lord Buddha on the four side-corners of the stupa.
The four statues on four corner-sides of stupa depict the four phases of life of Lord Buddha. These statues are made of gold. These statues depicting, birth, enlightenment, teaching and passing away of Lord Buddha are symbolical of Lord Buddha’s teachings and transient life.