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Why creating of more jobs should be a priority for the Indian government? What are the costs of not creating more jobs? Comment.

India has duly based with the very young demography as well as fastest growing economy in the world. Sadly, the economic survey data suggest post-liberalization period (after 1991) only brought jobless growth. The government must focus on better job creation quantitatively and qualitatively for the following reasons: 1. Economic cost to the country: The cost of social security schemes will

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Are farm loan waivers panacea for the deep-rooted agrarian crisis in general and rural indebtedness in particular? 

The vagaries of the monsoon and the consequent droughts, floods, or crop failures that immiserate vast sections of farmers and agricultural labourers in India, are a matter of routine even seven decades after independence. In fact, the crisis has only deepened. With inadequate agrarian policies to confront systemic structural issues, rural India continues to suffer. After two consecutive drought years,

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Why is domestic consumption important for Indian economy, especially now? Analyse.

The main causes of the current slow global growth are declining populations, protectionism, de-leveraging and no major productivity-enhancing revolution. The period between World War II and the financial crisis was characterised by population growth, major investment, productivity gains, increases in global trade and cross-border flows of people — a debt boom. Today, in most countries, these trends are decelerating. There

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