BPSC Interview Preparation

Friends..the best way to start your interview preparation is to prepare a questioner about your personal information…always start with your current state i.e. the job or work you r currently associated with, your job profile, challenges, learning, accomplishments, how your present job would help you in performing better in administrative position, details of organisation, your chances of excelling in present job n your motivation to switch to new position.
For students…prepare the answer for the reason behind time gap between your last academic degree till interview….reasons for your failure…ur strength and weaknesses..
Once you are done with these uncomfortable questions you can always reflect up on the lighter part of ur interview …means meaning of name…important happening in the month and year of your birth, your hobbies etc…
Try to brainstorm your own authentic answers n jot then down in point form …once you construct a skeleton of these answers , cosmetic changes can be done even in last stages…
We will discuss the questions in detail in further posts ….

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