BPSC Geography Optional Books and Sources

Basic Guideline:

1)Read the syllabus properly.Go through it number of times
2)Go through previous year question paper. Discuss it with friends.
3)Identify the sources from where you would be covering a particular topic and this way map the whole syllabus with respective sources
4) Practice Diagrams on a regular basis
5)Focus on answer writing since beginning of preparation. This includes trying to figure out the structuring of answers
6)Learn to correlate current affair knowledge with your geography core concepts wherever possible
7) practice drawing maps at a good pace

Paper 1

A) Savinder singh Physical Geography for Geomorphology Climatology and Oceanography
B) Rupa publication plus Himanshu Sharma Sir Notes for Biogeography
C) Selected topics from Savinder singh for Environmental Geography
D) Perspective and thoughts from Majid Hussain.
E) models and theories majid husaain for most of the human geography part and and models and theories
F) Economic and agricultural geography – Himansh Sharma sir notes

Model Question:

What is meant by “Plate Tectonics”? Clarify the major plates of the earth and their distribution. 40 marks
Step 1: Define Plate Tectonics and include some names like wilson
Step 2: Give few lines on why Plate tectonc theory came.Include names of wegner and krober mountain building theory
Step 3
Now give the 3 types of plate with block diagrams in small
Step 4
Introduce the numbers of major n minor plates and draw a one page world map clearly showing all the major plates
Step 5 Give some additional details like whic is largest plate ,mid oceanic ridge etc
Step 6 Conclude with relevance of plate tectonic in land form development

Model Question:

Rural Urban Fringe 150 words
Step 1 : explain what it means
Step 2 : Give a diagram
Step 3: Features of a rural urban fringe
Step 4: Problems faced by these fringe area
Step 5: Some example from india

Paper 2

This paper is not only about static knowledge of geography but also sound current affairs knowledge related to geography. The answers you write should be focussed on geographical details backed by current affairs.
Example: If they ask you what is advantage of Multimodel transport network in India
Talk about topographical condition of India. Give a Multimodel map explaining the advantage of ode based on distance.The explain hinterland concept . Then add current affair knowledge like golden quadrilateral jal vikas mission and some other and correlate it with geographical logic

Khullar Indian Geography

Himanshu sir notes economic survey.

For geography of Bihar make notes for all topics from net and a local Bihar specific Geography book like minerals, agriculture, disaster and also correlate it with the terrain of that area.
Read Economic Survey of Bihar
Model Question:
Give a geographical account of inland water transport in India with special reference to Bihar.
Answer structuring:
Give some data on length of inland water way in india
Draw a map showing major waterways
Few lines on what potential geographically india have for waterways
Then give a bit of geographical detail of bihar and explain IW1 with jal vikas marg mission.Then give benefit of Waterway in bihar
use economic survey bihar data here.You can also use Riverlinking concept as suggestion.

Hopefully you may get some clear idea about answer writing and sources.

👉Previous Year Geography Optional Questions Paper

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