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Old NCERT Geography Books

Class 10 – Economic and Commercial Geography of India PDF Download Class 11 – Physical Basis of Geography PDF Download Class 11 – Principles of Geography Part – II PDF Download Class 6 – Lands and Peoples Part 1 (Savita Sinha) PDF Download Class 7 – Lands and Peoples Part 2 (Savita Sinha, Mohd Akhtar Hussain) PDF Download Class 8

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Old NCERT Indian History Books

Download Old NCERT Indian History Textbooks PDFs Free Class 11 – Ancient Indian History by R.S Sharma Class 11-12 – Medieval Indian History by Satish Chandra Class 12 – Modern Indian History by Bipin Chandra Class 11 – Ancient Indian History by Makkhan Lal Class 10 – The story of Civilization Part I by Arjun Dev Class 10 – The

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Findings of New Rainfed Agriculture Atlas

👉Donate to us • Three out of five farmers in India grow their crops using rainwater, instead of irrigation. • There has been “negligence” toward rainfed areas which is leading to lower incomes for farmers in these areas. • Lands irrigated through big dams and canal networks get a per hectare investment of ₹5 lakh. Watershed management spending in rainfed

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