Important Books for Mains (GS-I)

GS Paper-I

It comprises 3 sections

  1. History
  2. Current Affairs (CA)
  3. Statistics


  • KBC Nano publication
  • Bipin Chandra
  • Previous Year Pattern (PYP)


  • Vision monthly magazine (1year)
  • Vision IAS Mains/ PT 365 (selected topics)
  • The Big Picture (RSTV) (selected topics)
  • PYP


  • Data Interpretation from any SSC, Bank notes
  • Spectrum Book
  • PYP

You can yield maximum marks in GS-I. It can help you to increase your ranking.

Few tips : –
1) History syllabus can be covered in 20 topics, cover this 20 topics beautifully.
2) Statistics potion can definitely lift you into top rankers if you solve it .Therefore, One should focus on it seriously. Only one mantra for this section, practice, practice & more practice..
3) Target 50 most important topics of CA before one month of exam and read everything about it . Since this portion has wide area, Smart strategy is to know everything of something.

In the last, practice for quality answer writing with standard words limit under stipulated time.
Huge pressure in exam hall is definitely a challenge…but believe me, this will for every one.
This can be conquered only if you have gone through MULTIPLE REVISIONS & answer writing practices.

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