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BPSC Interview Preparation

Friends..the best way to start your interview preparation is to prepare a questioner about your personal information…always start with your current state i.e. the job or work you r currently associated with, your job profile, challenges, learning, accomplishments, how your present job would help you in performing better in administrative position, details of organisation, your chances of excelling in present

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Should farmers be taxed?

For Interview The public image of farming being a poor man’s venture and the sizeable vote share that farmers enjoy have made the idea of farm taxes a political taboo. The frequent distress faced by poor or marginal farmers, which could be attributed to structural issues other than taxation, hasn’t helped matters either. But India has a presence of rich

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Most Important Books for Prelims

First go through the previous years question papers. This will give you a rough idea of the nature of questions and dificulty level. After going through the questions you will know the areas from where questions are asked frequently. You will get to know that most of the questions are of factual in nature. Now a days they are more

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Analysis of GST so far….

In about a month, India’s new indirect tax system will be rolled out. It has been described as the biggest reform in indirect taxes. India now joins some 160 other countries that already have a Goods and Services Tax (GST). Key Features: it moves the tax system from production to consumption. It covers the gross domestic product (GDP) more comprehensively.

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